Breitling offers the Night Vision in two dial colors (light or dark), and on a steel bracelet or leather strap. I think most Breitling aficionados are going to want the decent bracelet. The wide bracelet is conservative and helps keep the watches from looking too small. It has a butterfly style deployant and safety replica Breitling Chrono Matic. It isn't the epitome of high-end in feel, but is remarkably solid when closed. Nothing worse than a flimsy clasp that flops around.

Breitling did a good job of "hiding" the lights on the watch. That was sort of the point of this newest generation Night Vision design. I believe that it was to retain all the features popular in the Night Vision, but create a more formal, dressy look. In that, I feel that Breitling has succeeded. The dial is pleasant and easy to read. The hands feel a tiny bit too small, but they are pretty good. I think that i feel that way because I am mostly used to Breitling having larger hands on their watches. The dial is also not flat. There is one level for the white minute scale ring, then a higher level for the rest of the replica hublot big bang, and the hour markers are seemingly applied. An angled flange ring helps the dial look its largest.

The last of the three, and probably most important light on the Breitling is on the outside of the case facing forward above 12 o'clock. Here lives a white LED light that has a few functions. Most people will use it as a low-powered flashlight. Low-powered yes, but still powerful enough to shine in front of you and offer helpful illumination in the dark. Breitling doesn't make claims about projected light-mode battery life. I mean it really depends on the usage right? Most seem to automatically turn off after a little bit to save power of course. The external light would be easy for a lot of people to miss if it were not for the (also easy to miss) "Night Vision" label.

This little flashlight has three modes. First is activated with two presses of the light button and it merely activates the light. It will actually stay on for a full two minutes if you don't press the pusher to manually turn it off before that time. Three presses and the "signal mode" comes on. Here the light flashes quickly like a strobe for two minutes or until manually deactivated. Last is what Breitling calls "intense signal model. " This is activated using a five second press to the replica hublot King Power (and deactivated the same way). This function is a slow, yet bright strobe which is meant to act as a signaling or location beacon. I think Breitling would have been clever to put these instructions on the rear of the watch case.

This new Breitling watch comes in an all steel case that is 42mm wide. The case wears a bit small given the thicker polished steel bezel and the length of the lugs. That isn't bad, but it is worth noting for prospective customers. The case has a sapphire crystal with AR coating over the dial and is also water resistant to 50 meters (no screw-down crown). Inside of the watch is a Breitling quartz movement.

One of the things I really like about Breitling watches is their dedication to value. While they have higher-end watches costing a few thousand dollars, their watches are their most popular and offer good quality and design for the money. They also don't skimp on ergonomic and utility considerations. I suppose that they take the fact that "Swiss" is written on the dial very seriously.

The newest generation Breitling is no longer just a sport watch, but a dressy casual watch with a slightly hidden flashlight feature. That pretty much makes it a fun and useful gadget watch from a brand which has a reputation for knowing what they are doing.